Quick workout tip: skipping rope

On rainy days like these, I find myself sitting on my ass all day watching television or doing some very interesting (ahum, not...) stuff on the computer. I wish I could go outside to skate - yup, that's my sport - but even if it were dry for an hour, it would still be too slippery. That's why I thought about skipping rope: the perfect workout to keep in shape, even if it is just for only ten minutes! You can do it inside (sorry, neighbors) or outside, everywhere you want. Just make sure you have enough room.

The best part about skipping rope is that it is a great calorie-burner, it keeps you in shape and you only need one thing: a skipping rope. You don't need a lot of money to buy one. If you buy a skipping rope, the handles of the rope should at least reach up to your armpits. It doesn't really matter if it is longer than that, you can just roll it up a bit.

When you haven't skipped rope in ages, like me, it can be really frustrating at the beginning. The first times I couldn't even skip over it twice. I had no skill at all. But after a few skill-training sessions I got the hand on it and it became easier. I still fail a lot, but I keep getting better.

Beneath is the workout I'll do most often. It is a great workout for beginners, because it is only ten minutes, warm up and cooling down included. If it gets too easy, you can just play the video twice: twenty minute workout it is!

I'm trying to do this workout every day, if I don't go skating of course. How about you? Going to try this easy and fun workout too?

Denise Nijland

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  1. Jaaa ik hou van springtouwen het is echt de ultime work out en ook nog eens leuk!