Never have I ever

Never have I ever... worn lipstick before. I tried, but I didn't like the feeling. I didn't like wearing lip balm either. I use lip balm now like every day, because my lips are really dry. I went to the city today, because the Rimmel London 60 Seconds Nail Polish was on sale, and couldn't resist to buy a very cheap (€2,99) lip colour from Miss Sporty (these). The colour I've bought is 030 DeLIPcious.

Enough about the lip stick, 'cause that's just a tiny part of what I'm wearing in this outfit post. As I've told in my previous post about the high neckline trend, I would be wearing a high neck top with triangles. I'm totally in love with it. With it I'm wearing my new crochet short. It's reaaaally comfortable but still chique.

I hope you like my outfit!

Love, Denise

I'm wearing: 
Primark sunglasses - H&M JacketOnly High neck top - 
New Yorker Amisu chrochet short - Primark Atmosphere bag - 
New Look Champ chunky heeled ankle boots

Denise Nijland

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