DIY: Pimp those glass jars!

Glass jars are good for almost anything. Most of the time I use them to for pens, pencils, paint brushes and sadly enough, bills. But how about using it for (dried) flowers or candles? I believe jars are a perfect way to accessorize your home. I've got quite a lot of glass jars - just those jars where food like beans, marmelade and apple sauce is sold in at the supermarket - but they are kind of boring, so that's why I thought about pimping them! This will be a very easy DIY. I'll hope you enjoy.

You'll need:
  • A glass jar
  • Nailpolish or glass paint
  • Tape
  • Scissors (to cut the tape)

STEP 1: Start by cleaning the jar. Make also sure the jar is clean from the outside. To get those labels off, you can put the jar in hot water. Let it soak for a while. After that you can easily pull the label off. If there is still some glue from the label stuck to the jar, you can remove this with nail polish remover. I cleaned mine ages ago, since I already used them to put stuff in.

STEP 2: If the glass jar is clean, we get to the fun part! Make a pattern with the tape. This can be anything you want. Be creative, I now you are. I'm kinda obsessed with triangles right now, so I made a triangle pattern with tape. I used transparant adhesive tape for this, I'm sorry it's not really visible on the pictures, but I didn't have any other tape at hand.

STEP 3: Now we get to the painting-part. Get that nailpolish and paint the hell out of it. If one layer isn't enough, make sure that it is dry first, before adding a second layer. After two layers the nailpolish covered the jar perfectly for me. When you're done painting, you can carefully remove the tape.

... And you're finished! Here are my results. I think the jars look so much better. Adding a bit of color just make them look really fun and stylish, too.


I really hope you enjoyed this simple DIY. I would love to see your results!

Denise Nijland

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  1. Echt heel leuk gedaan! Ik houd het in mijn achterhoofd voor als ik een eigen stekje heb.
    Mooie blog ook! ^^

  2. Ziet er zo leuk uit! Ga ik denk ik ook snel proberen voor op mijn kamer :)

  3. Echt een leuk idee en mooi uitgewerkt!
    Ik vind je blog echt heel mooi.
    Ik ga je volgen op bloglovinnnnn

    1. Dankje!

      Ik heb m'n blog aangemeld op Bloglovin, maar ze moeten hem nog accepteren, dus ik hoop dat ik binnenkort daar te volgen ben!

    2. Nou hehe, mijn blog is eindelijk te vinden op Bloglovin. Het mocht even duren :P: