The Scarf

Lately I've been doing a lot of making old stuff new. I had the red scarf for a while, but never wore it. When I saw someone wearing a head scarf, I immediately thought about the red scarf somewhere hidden in a dark part of my closet. And I must say, such a little thing as a (head) scarf can really make a real simple outfit stand out more, don't you think?

Last night I was going through some other stuff and I found this tiny silver ring with a little blue stone. The ring isn't exactly round anymore -it's more like when you try to draw a perfect round circle and the thing does look more like a square, haha-, as it is like (I think) more than 10 years old! But it is really cute and fits perfectly around my pink, or I can even use it as an above the knuckle ring, so I am happy that I found it again.

Denise Nijland

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