August Musthaves

1. Fedora hat (ASOS)
2. Ethnic stone ring set (Bershka)
3. BSK embroidered tulle vest (Bershka)
4. Stone detail 3-chain necklace (Bershka)
5. Feather detail 3-chain necklace (Bershka)
6. Moto Intense Blue Joni Jeans (Topshop)
7. BSK floral sweatshirt (Bershka)
8. Taurus zodiac ring (Topshop)
9. Ivona black fringed faux suede jacket (Missguided)
10. Fringed suede boots (H&M)

My musthaves for next month. Totally in love with the Bershka accessories

Denise Nijland

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